👋 Hello

If you have any questions or special requests please send a message and I’ll do what I can to make sure you have a great purchase experience. 

📫 Shipping

I ship to the US, Canada, and certain other countries and regions. Here is a summary of shipping costs: 

  • US: Media Mail shipping is a flat fee of $5 for unlimited items. Please get in touch if you’d like to pay for Priority Shipping and/or Insurance. 
  • Rest of the world: Calculated based on weight. Starts at $21 for 1-2 records.

I provide a tracking number and ship items within 1-2 business days, and I always go into the Post Office to get a scan, or hand packages directly to our letter carrier. I ship with care in sturdy cardboard mailers, and have never had an issue with damaged records in the mail. A few more details about shipping: 

  • All used records are washed and cleaned before shipping. 
  • Used records are shipped outside the sleeve to protect against seam splits. 
  • All used and shrink-wrapped records ship in an additional protective outer sleeve. 
  • I don’t skimp on packaging. I use brand new Bags Unlimited record mailers for all shipments. Large shipments (more than 6 records) are double-boxed for extra protection, and the outer box might be a reused one. 
  • If you would like me to ship a brand new, sealed record outside the jacket, please let me know. Otherwise, I will leave the record sealed. 

📊 US shipping cost breakdown

I hate it when I get gouged on shipping, so I want to be really upfront about my actual shipping costs, and the reasoning behind the $5 flat fee.

Media Mail for up to 2 records costs me $3.33 (it goes up from there). I use high quality mailers from Bags Unlimited that I buy in bulk, and they cost me $1.40/mailer. Yes, I could use cheaper mailers, but I don’t want to, because I want your records to get to you safely and undamaged. These are the best and most secure mailers I’ve been able to find, and I don’t want to compromise on that.

So $3.33 + $1.40 gets us to $4.73, and then I round up to $5 to cover the additional costs of packing tape, label printing, and trips to the Post Office. Of course, if you order more than 1 record you’re going to score, because I decided to keep shipping costs a single, simple flat fee.

📦 Returns

As a frequent buyer myself there’s nothing I find more annoying than inaccurate grading, so I make every effort to grade all records as accurately as possible. That said, if you have an issue with a record or need to return an item, please get in touch and we’ll work it out. If we agree on a return I will provide a pre-paid return shipping label, and will process a full refund once the item is received back. 

🌎 Customs

Please note that for international shipments I am not responsible for customs fees, since that is completely out of my control. That said, I always declare a value of $15, which is below the threshold for additional customs fees.